Migrating cogs from Red V2

First, be sure to read discord.py’s migration guide as that covers all of the changes to discord.py that will affect the migration process

Red as a package

V3 makes Red a package that is installed with pip. Please keep this in mind when writing cogs as this affects how imports should be done (for example, to import pagify in V2, one would do from .utils.chat_formatting import pagify; in V3, this becomes from redbot.core.utils.chat_formatting import pagify)

Cogs as packages

V3 makes cogs into packages. See Creating cogs for Red V3 for more on how to create packages for V3.


Config is V3’s replacement for dataIO. Instead of fiddling with creating config directories and config files as was done in V2, V3’s Config handles that whilst allowing for easy storage of settings on a per-server/member/user/role/channel or global basis. Be sure to check out Config for the API docs for Config as well as a tutorial on using Config.


Bank in V3 has been split out from Economy. V3 introduces the ability to have a global bank as well as the ability to change the bank name and the name of the currency. Be sure to checkout Bank for more on Bank

Mod Log

V3 introduces Mod Log as an API, thus allowing for cogs to add custom case types that will appear in a server’s mod log channel. Be sure to checkout Mod log for more on Mod Log`