This document is for Red's development version, which can be significantly different from previous releases. If you're a regular user, you should read the Red documentation for the current stable release.

Source code for redbot.core.tree

import discord
from discord.abc import Snowflake
from discord.utils import MISSING

from .app_commands import (
from .i18n import Translator
from .utils.chat_formatting import humanize_list, inline

import logging
import traceback
from datetime import datetime, timedelta, timezone
from typing import List, Dict, Tuple, Union, Optional, Sequence

__all__ = ("RedTree",)

log = logging.getLogger("red")

_ = Translator(__name__, __file__)

[docs]class RedTree(CommandTree): """A container that holds application command information. Internally does not actually add commands to the tree unless they are enabled with ``[p]slash enable``, to support Red's modularity. See ``discord.app_commands.CommandTree`` for more information. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) # Same structure as superclass self._disabled_global_commands: Dict[str, Union[Command, Group]] = {} self._disabled_context_menus: Dict[Tuple[str, Optional[int], int], ContextMenu] = {}
[docs] def add_command( self, command: Union[Command, ContextMenu, Group], /, *args, guild: Optional[Snowflake] = MISSING, guilds: Sequence[Snowflake] = MISSING, override: bool = False, **kwargs, ) -> None: """Adds an application command to the tree. Commands will be internally stored until enabled by ``[p]slash enable``. """ # Allow guild specific commands to bypass the internals for development if ( guild is not MISSING or guilds is not MISSING or command.extras.get("red_force_enable", False) ): return super().add_command( command, *args, guild=guild, guilds=guilds, override=override, **kwargs ) if isinstance(command, ContextMenu): name = command.name type = command.type.value key = (name, None, type) # Handle cases where the command already is in the tree if not override and key in self._disabled_context_menus: raise CommandAlreadyRegistered(name, None) if key in self._context_menus: if not override: raise CommandAlreadyRegistered(name, None) del self._context_menus[key] self._disabled_context_menus[key] = command return if not isinstance(command, (Command, Group)): raise TypeError( f"Expected an application command, received {command.__class__.__name__} instead" ) root = command.root_parent or command name = root.name # Handle cases where the command already is in the tree if not override and name in self._disabled_global_commands: raise CommandAlreadyRegistered(name, None) if name in self._global_commands: if not override: raise CommandAlreadyRegistered(name, None) del self._global_commands[name] self._disabled_global_commands[name] = root
[docs] def remove_command( self, command: str, /, *args, guild: Optional[Snowflake] = None, type: discord.AppCommandType = discord.AppCommandType.chat_input, **kwargs, ) -> Optional[Union[Command, ContextMenu, Group]]: """Removes an application command from this tree.""" if guild is not None: return super().remove_command(command, *args, guild=guild, type=type, **kwargs) if type is discord.AppCommandType.chat_input: return self._disabled_global_commands.pop(command, None) or super().remove_command( command, *args, guild=guild, type=type, **kwargs ) elif type in (discord.AppCommandType.user, discord.AppCommandType.message): key = (command, None, type.value) return self._disabled_context_menus.pop(key, None) or super().remove_command( command, *args, guild=guild, type=type, **kwargs )
[docs] def clear_commands( self, *args, guild: Optional[Snowflake], type: Optional[discord.AppCommandType] = None, **kwargs, ) -> None: """Clears all application commands from the tree.""" if guild is not None: return super().clear_commands(*args, guild=guild, type=type, **kwargs) if type is None or type is discord.AppCommandType.chat_input: self._global_commands.clear() self._disabled_global_commands.clear() if type is None: self._disabled_context_menus.clear() else: self._disabled_context_menus = { (name, _guild_id, value): cmd for (name, _guild_id, value), cmd in self._disabled_context_menus.items() if value != type.value } return super().clear_commands(*args, guild=guild, type=type, **kwargs)
[docs] async def sync(self, *args, guild: Optional[Snowflake] = None, **kwargs) -> List[AppCommand]: """Wrapper to store command IDs when commands are synced.""" commands = await super().sync(*args, guild=guild, **kwargs) if guild: return commands async with self.client._config.all() as cfg: for command in commands: if command.type is discord.AppCommandType.chat_input: cfg["enabled_slash_commands"][command.name] = command.id elif command.type is discord.AppCommandType.message: cfg["enabled_message_commands"][command.name] = command.id elif command.type is discord.AppCommandType.user: cfg["enabled_user_commands"][command.name] = command.id return commands
[docs] async def red_check_enabled(self) -> None: """Restructures the commands in this tree, enabling commands that are enabled and disabling commands that are disabled. After running this function, the tree will be populated with enabled commands only. If commands are manually added to the tree outside of the standard cog loading process, this must be run for them to be usable. """ enabled_commands = await self.client.list_enabled_app_commands() to_add_commands = set() to_add_context = set() to_remove_commands = set() to_remove_context = set() # Add commands for command in enabled_commands["slash"]: if command in self._disabled_global_commands: to_add_commands.add(command) # Add context for command in enabled_commands["message"]: key = (command, None, discord.AppCommandType.message.value) if key in self._disabled_context_menus: to_add_context.add(key) for command in enabled_commands["user"]: key = (command, None, discord.AppCommandType.user.value) if key in self._disabled_context_menus: to_add_context.add(key) # Add force enabled commands for command, command_obj in self._disabled_global_commands.items(): if command_obj.extras.get("red_force_enable", False): to_add_commands.add(command) # Add force enabled context for key, command_obj in self._disabled_context_menus.items(): if command_obj.extras.get("red_force_enable", False): to_add_context.add(key) # Remove commands for command, command_obj in self._global_commands.items(): if command not in enabled_commands["slash"] and not command_obj.extras.get( "red_force_enable", False ): to_remove_commands.add((command, discord.AppCommandType.chat_input)) # Remove context for key, command_obj in self._context_menus.items(): command, guild_id, command_type = key if guild_id is not None: continue if ( discord.AppCommandType(command_type) is discord.AppCommandType.message and command not in enabled_commands["message"] and not command_obj.extras.get("red_force_enable", False) ): to_remove_context.add((command, discord.AppCommandType.message)) elif ( discord.AppCommandType(command_type) is discord.AppCommandType.user and command not in enabled_commands["user"] and not command_obj.extras.get("red_force_enable", False) ): to_remove_context.add((command, discord.AppCommandType.user)) # Actually add/remove for command in to_add_commands: super().add_command(self._disabled_global_commands[command]) del self._disabled_global_commands[command] for key in to_add_context: super().add_command(self._disabled_context_menus[key]) del self._disabled_context_menus[key] for command, type in to_remove_commands: com = super().remove_command(command, type=type) self._disabled_global_commands[command] = com for command, type in to_remove_context: com = super().remove_command(command, type=type) self._disabled_context_menus[(command, None, type.value)] = com
@staticmethod async def _send_from_interaction(interaction, *args, **kwargs): """Util for safely sending a message from an interaction.""" if interaction.response.is_done(): if interaction.is_expired(): return await interaction.channel.send(*args, **kwargs) delete_after = kwargs.pop("delete_after", None) kwargs["wait"] = True msg = await interaction.followup.send(*args, ephemeral=True, **kwargs) if delete_after is not None: await msg.delete(delay=delete_after) return msg return await interaction.response.send_message(*args, ephemeral=True, **kwargs) @staticmethod def _is_submodule(parent: str, child: str): return parent == child or child.startswith(parent + ".")
[docs] async def on_error( self, interaction: discord.Interaction, error: AppCommandError, /, *args, **kwargs ) -> None: """Fallback error handler for app commands.""" if isinstance(error, CommandNotFound): await self._send_from_interaction(interaction, _("Command not found.")) log.warning( f"Application command {error.name} could not be resolved. " "It may be from a cog that was updated or unloaded. " "Consider running [p]slash sync to resolve this issue." ) elif isinstance(error, CommandInvokeError): log.exception( "Exception in command '{}'".format(error.command.qualified_name), exc_info=error.original, ) exception_log = "Exception in command '{}'\n" "".format(error.command.qualified_name) exception_log += "".join( traceback.format_exception(type(error), error, error.__traceback__) ) interaction.client._last_exception = exception_log message = await interaction.client._config.invoke_error_msg() if not message: if interaction.user.id in interaction.client.owner_ids: message = inline( _("Error in command '{command}'. Check your console or logs for details.") ) else: message = inline(_("Error in command '{command}'.")) await self._send_from_interaction( interaction, message.replace("{command}", error.command.qualified_name) ) elif isinstance(error, TransformerError): if error.__cause__: log.exception("Error in an app command transformer.", exc_info=error.__cause__) await self._send_from_interaction(interaction, str(error)) elif isinstance(error, BotMissingPermissions): formatted = [ '"' + perm.replace("_", " ").title() + '"' for perm in error.missing_permissions ] formatted = humanize_list(formatted).replace("Guild", "Server") if len(error.missing_permissions) == 1: msg = _("I require the {permission} permission to execute that command.").format( permission=formatted ) else: msg = _("I require {permission_list} permissions to execute that command.").format( permission_list=formatted ) await self._send_from_interaction(interaction, msg) elif isinstance(error, NoPrivateMessage): # Seems to be only called normally by the has_role check await self._send_from_interaction( interaction, _("That command is not available in DMs.") ) elif isinstance(error, CommandOnCooldown): relative_time = discord.utils.format_dt( datetime.now(timezone.utc) + timedelta(seconds=error.retry_after), "R" ) msg = _("This command is on cooldown. Try again {relative_time}.").format( relative_time=relative_time ) await self._send_from_interaction(interaction, msg, delete_after=error.retry_after) elif isinstance(error, CheckFailure): await self._send_from_interaction( interaction, _("You are not permitted to use this command.") ) else: log.exception(type(error).__name__, exc_info=error)
[docs] async def interaction_check(self, interaction: discord.Interaction): """Global checks for app commands.""" if interaction.user.bot: return False if interaction.guild: if not (await self.client.ignored_channel_or_guild(interaction)): await interaction.response.send_message( "This channel or server is ignored.", ephemeral=True ) return False if not (await self.client.allowed_by_whitelist_blacklist(interaction.user)): await interaction.response.send_message( "You are not permitted to use commands because of an allowlist or blocklist.", ephemeral=True, ) return False return True
# DEP-WARN def _remove_with_module(self, name: str, *args, **kwargs) -> None: """Handles cases where a module raises an exception in the loading process, but added commands to the tree. Duplication of the logic in the super class, but for the containers used by this subclass. """ super()._remove_with_module(name, *args, **kwargs) remove = [] for key, cmd in self._disabled_context_menus.items(): if cmd.module is not None and self._is_submodule(name, cmd.module): remove.append(key) for key in remove: del self._disabled_context_menus[key] remove = [] for key, cmd in self._disabled_global_commands.items(): if cmd.module is not None and self._is_submodule(name, cmd.module): remove.append(key) for key in remove: del self._disabled_global_commands[key]