This document is for Red's development version, which can be significantly different from previous releases. If you're a regular user, you should read the Red documentation for the current stable release.

Setting up auto-restart using batch on Windows


This guide assumes that you already have a working Red instance.

Creating the batch file

Create a new text document anywhere you want to. This file will be used to launch the bot, so you may want to put it somewhere convenient, like Documents or Desktop.

Open that document in Notepad, and paste the following text in it:

CALL "%userprofile%\redenv\Scripts\activate.bat"
python -O -m redbot <your instance name>


ECHO Restarting Red...

Replace <your instance name> with the instance name of your bot. If you created your VENV at a location other than the recommended one, replace %userprofile%\redenv\Scripts\activate.bat with the path to your VENV.

Click “File”, “Save as”. Change the dropdown “Save as type” to “All Files (.)”. Set the filename to start_redbot.bat, and click save.

There should now be a new file in the location you created the text document in. You can delete that text document as it is no longer needed. You can now use the start_redbot.bat batch file to launch Red by double clicking it. This script will automatically restart red when the [p]restart command is used or when the bot shuts down abnormally.

Launch the bot on startup

Create a shortcut of your start_redbot.bat file.

Open the “Run” dialogue box using Windows Key + R.

Enter shell:startup if you want the bot to launch only when the current user logs in, or shell:common startup if you want the bot to launch when any user logs in.

Drag the shortcut into the folder that is opened. The bot will now launch on startup.