Redbot 3.3.1 (2020-02-05)

Core Bot

  • Add a cli flag for setting a max size of message cache
  • Allow to edit prefix from command line using redbot --edit.
  • Some functions have been changed to no longer use deprecated asyncio functions

Core Commands

  • The short help text for dm has been made more useful
  • dm no longer allows owners to have the bot attempt to DM itself


  • Passing the event loop explicitly in utils is deprecated (Removal in 3.4)

Mod Cog

  • Hackban now works properly without being provided a number of days

Documentation Changes

  • Add -e flag to journalctl command in systemd guide so that it takes the user to the end of logs automatically.
  • Added section to install docs for CentOS 8
  • Improve usage of apt update in docs

Redbot 3.3.0 (2020-01-26)

Core Bot

  • The bot’s description is now configurable.
  • We now use 1.3.1, this comes with added teams support.
  • The commands module has been slightly restructured to provide more useful data to developers.
  • Help is now self consistent in the extra formatting used.

Core Commands

  • Slowmode should no longer error on nonsensical time quantities.
  • Embed use can be configured per channel as well.


  • We’ve made some small fixes to inaccurate instructions about installing with pyenv.
  • Notes about deprecating in 3.3 have been altered to 3.4 to match the intended timeframe.


  • Gives feedback when adding or removing a role doesn’t make sense.


  • Playlist finding is more intuitive.
  • disconnect and repeat commands no longer interfere with eachother.


  • No longer errors when exiting an interactive menu.


  • A rare edge case involving messages which are deleted during cleanup and are the only message was fixed.


  • Some user facing messages were improved.
  • Downloader’s initialization can no longer time out at startup.


  • Roll command will no longer attempt to roll obscenely large amounts.


  • You can set a default amount of days to clean up when banning.
  • Ban and hackban now use that default.
  • Users can now optionally be DMed their ban reason.


  • Now has stronger enforcement of prioritizing botwide settings.