Source code for redbot.core.cog_manager

import contextlib
import pkgutil
from importlib import import_module, invalidate_caches
from importlib.machinery import ModuleSpec
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Union, List, Optional

import redbot.cogs
from redbot.core.utils import deduplicate_iterables
import discord

from . import checks, commands
from .config import Config
from .i18n import Translator, cog_i18n
from .data_manager import cog_data_path

from .utils.chat_formatting import box, pagify

__all__ = ["CogManager"]

class NoSuchCog(ImportError):
    """Thrown when a cog is missing.

    Different from ImportError because some ImportErrors can happen inside cogs.

[docs]class CogManager: """Directory manager for Red's cogs. This module allows you to load cogs from multiple directories and even from outside the bot directory. You may also set a directory for downloader to install new cogs to, the default being the :code:`cogs/` folder in the root bot directory. """ CORE_PATH = Path(redbot.cogs.__path__[0]) def __init__(self): self.conf = Config.get_conf(self, 2938473984732, True) tmp_cog_install_path = cog_data_path(self) / "cogs" tmp_cog_install_path.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) self.conf.register_global(paths=[], install_path=str(tmp_cog_install_path))
[docs] async def paths(self) -> List[Path]: """Get all currently valid path directories, in order of priority Returns ------- List[pathlib.Path] A list of paths where cog packages can be found. The install path is highest priority, followed by the user-defined paths, and the core path has the lowest priority. """ return deduplicate_iterables( [await self.install_path()], await self.user_defined_paths(), [self.CORE_PATH] )
[docs] async def install_path(self) -> Path: """Get the install path for 3rd party cogs. Returns ------- pathlib.Path The path to the directory where 3rd party cogs are stored. """ return Path(await self.conf.install_path()).resolve()
[docs] async def user_defined_paths(self) -> List[Path]: """Get a list of user-defined cog paths. All paths will be absolute and unique, in order of priority. Returns ------- List[pathlib.Path] A list of user-defined paths. """ return list(map(Path, deduplicate_iterables(await self.conf.paths())))
[docs] async def set_install_path(self, path: Path) -> Path: """Set the install path for 3rd party cogs. Note ---- The bot will not remember your old cog install path which means that **all previously installed cogs** will no longer be found. Parameters ---------- path : pathlib.Path The new directory for cog installs. Returns ------- pathlib.Path Absolute path to the new install directory. Raises ------ ValueError If :code:`path` is not an existing directory. """ if not path.is_dir(): raise ValueError("The install path must be an existing directory.") resolved = path.resolve() await self.conf.install_path.set(str(resolved)) return resolved
@staticmethod def _ensure_path_obj(path: Union[Path, str]) -> Path: """Guarantee an object will be a path object. Parameters ---------- path : `pathlib.Path` or `str` Returns ------- pathlib.Path """ try: path.exists() except AttributeError: path = Path(path) return path
[docs] async def add_path(self, path: Union[Path, str]) -> None: """Add a cog path to current list. This will ignore duplicates. Parameters ---------- path : `pathlib.Path` or `str` Path to add. Raises ------ ValueError If :code:`path` does not resolve to an existing directory. """ path = self._ensure_path_obj(path) # This makes the path absolute, will break if a bot install # changes OS/Computer? path = path.resolve() if not path.is_dir(): raise ValueError("'{}' is not a valid directory.".format(path)) if path == await self.install_path(): raise ValueError("Cannot add the install path as an additional path.") if path == self.CORE_PATH: raise ValueError("Cannot add the core path as an additional path.") current_paths = await self.user_defined_paths() if path not in current_paths: current_paths.append(path) await self.set_paths(current_paths)
[docs] async def remove_path(self, path: Union[Path, str]) -> None: """Remove a path from the current paths list. Parameters ---------- path : `pathlib.Path` or `str` Path to remove. """ path = self._ensure_path_obj(path).resolve() paths = await self.user_defined_paths() paths.remove(path) await self.set_paths(paths)
[docs] async def set_paths(self, paths_: List[Path]): """Set the current paths list. Parameters ---------- paths_ : `list` of `pathlib.Path` List of paths to set. """ str_paths = list(map(str, paths_)) await self.conf.paths.set(str_paths)
async def _find_ext_cog(self, name: str) -> ModuleSpec: """ Attempts to find a spec for a third party installed cog. Parameters ---------- name : str Name of the cog package to look for. Returns ------- importlib.machinery.ModuleSpec Module spec to be used for cog loading. Raises ------ NoSuchCog When no cog with the requested name was found. """ real_paths = list(map(str, [await self.install_path()] + await self.user_defined_paths())) for finder, module_name, _ in pkgutil.iter_modules(real_paths): if name == module_name: spec = finder.find_spec(name) if spec: return spec raise NoSuchCog( "No 3rd party module by the name of '{}' was found in any available path.".format( name ), name=name, ) @staticmethod async def _find_core_cog(name: str) -> ModuleSpec: """ Attempts to find a spec for a core cog. Parameters ---------- name : str Returns ------- importlib.machinery.ModuleSpec Raises ------ RuntimeError When no matching spec can be found. """ real_name = ".{}".format(name) package = "redbot.cogs" try: mod = import_module(real_name, package=package) except ImportError as e: if == package + real_name: raise NoSuchCog( "No core cog by the name of '{}' could be found.".format(name), path=e.path,, ) from e raise return mod.__spec__ # noinspection PyUnreachableCode
[docs] async def find_cog(self, name: str) -> Optional[ModuleSpec]: """Find a cog in the list of available paths. Parameters ---------- name : str Name of the cog to find. Returns ------- Optional[importlib.machinery.ModuleSpec] A module spec to be used for specialized cog loading, if found. """ with contextlib.suppress(NoSuchCog): return await self._find_ext_cog(name) with contextlib.suppress(NoSuchCog): return await self._find_core_cog(name)
[docs] async def available_modules(self) -> List[str]: """Finds the names of all available modules to load.""" paths = list(map(str, await self.paths())) ret = [] for finder, module_name, _ in pkgutil.iter_modules(paths): ret.append(module_name) return ret
[docs] @staticmethod def invalidate_caches(): """Re-evaluate modules in the py cache. This is an alias for an importlib internal and should be called any time that a new module has been installed to a cog directory. """ invalidate_caches()
_ = Translator("CogManagerUI", __file__) @cog_i18n(_) class CogManagerUI(commands.Cog): """Commands to interface with Red's cog manager.""" @commands.command() @checks.is_owner() async def paths(self, ctx: commands.Context): """ Lists current cog paths in order of priority. """ cog_mgr = install_path = await cog_mgr.install_path() core_path = cog_mgr.CORE_PATH cog_paths = await cog_mgr.user_defined_paths() msg = _("Install Path: {install_path}\nCore Path: {core_path}\n\n").format( install_path=install_path, core_path=core_path ) partial = [] for i, p in enumerate(cog_paths, start=1): partial.append("{}. {}".format(i, p)) msg += "\n".join(partial) await ctx.send(box(msg)) @commands.command() @checks.is_owner() async def addpath(self, ctx: commands.Context, path: Path): """ Add a path to the list of available cog paths. """ if not path.is_dir(): await ctx.send(_("That path does not exist or does not point to a valid directory.")) return try: await except ValueError as e: await ctx.send(str(e)) else: await ctx.send(_("Path successfully added.")) @commands.command() @checks.is_owner() async def removepath(self, ctx: commands.Context, path_number: int): """ Removes a path from the available cog paths given the `path_number` from `[p]paths`. """ path_number -= 1 if path_number < 0: await ctx.send(_("Path numbers must be positive.")) return cog_paths = await try: to_remove = cog_paths.pop(path_number) except IndexError: await ctx.send(_("That is an invalid path number.")) return await await ctx.send(_("Path successfully removed.")) @commands.command() @checks.is_owner() async def reorderpath(self, ctx: commands.Context, from_: int, to: int): """ Reorders paths internally to allow discovery of different cogs. """ # Doing this because in the paths command they're 1 indexed from_ -= 1 to -= 1 if from_ < 0 or to < 0: await ctx.send(_("Path numbers must be positive.")) return all_paths = await try: to_move = all_paths.pop(from_) except IndexError: await ctx.send(_("Invalid 'from' index.")) return try: all_paths.insert(to, to_move) except IndexError: await ctx.send(_("Invalid 'to' index.")) return await await ctx.send(_("Paths reordered.")) @commands.command() @checks.is_owner() async def installpath(self, ctx: commands.Context, path: Path = None): """ Returns the current install path or sets it if one is provided. The provided path must be absolute or relative to the bot's directory and it must already exist. No installed cogs will be transferred in the process. """ if path: if not path.is_absolute(): path = ( / path).resolve() try: await except ValueError: await ctx.send(_("That path does not exist.")) return install_path = await await ctx.send( _("The bot will install new cogs to the `{}` directory.").format(install_path) ) @commands.command() @checks.is_owner() async def cogs(self, ctx: commands.Context): """ Lists all loaded and available cogs. """ loaded = set( all_cogs = set(await unloaded = all_cogs - loaded loaded = sorted(list(loaded), key=str.lower) unloaded = sorted(list(unloaded), key=str.lower) if await ctx.embed_requested(): loaded = _("**{} loaded:**\n").format(len(loaded)) + ", ".join(loaded) unloaded = _("**{} unloaded:**\n").format(len(unloaded)) + ", ".join(unloaded) for page in pagify(loaded, delims=[", ", "\n"], page_length=1800): e = discord.Embed(description=page, colour=discord.Colour.dark_green()) await ctx.send(embed=e) for page in pagify(unloaded, delims=[", ", "\n"], page_length=1800): e = discord.Embed(description=page, colour=discord.Colour.dark_red()) await ctx.send(embed=e) else: loaded_count = _("**{} loaded:**\n").format(len(loaded)) loaded = ", ".join(loaded) unloaded_count = _("**{} unloaded:**\n").format(len(unloaded)) unloaded = ", ".join(unloaded) loaded_count_sent = False unloaded_count_sent = False for page in pagify(loaded, delims=[", ", "\n"], page_length=1800): if page.startswith(", "): page = page[2:] if not loaded_count_sent: await ctx.send(loaded_count + box(page, lang="css")) loaded_count_sent = True else: await ctx.send(box(page, lang="css")) for page in pagify(unloaded, delims=[", ", "\n"], page_length=1800): if page.startswith(", "): page = page[2:] if not unloaded_count_sent: await ctx.send(unloaded_count + box(page, lang="ldif")) unloaded_count_sent = True else: await ctx.send(box(page, lang="ldif"))