Source code for redbot.cogs.downloader.errors

__all__ = [

[docs]class DownloaderException(Exception): """ Base class for Downloader exceptions. """ pass
[docs]class GitException(DownloaderException): """ Generic class for git exceptions. """
[docs]class InvalidRepoName(DownloaderException): """ Throw when a repo name is invalid. Check the message for a more detailed reason. """ pass
[docs]class ExistingGitRepo(DownloaderException): """ Thrown when trying to clone into a folder where a git repo already exists. """ pass
[docs]class MissingGitRepo(DownloaderException): """ Thrown when a git repo is expected to exist but does not. """ pass
[docs]class CloningError(GitException): """ Thrown when git clone returns a non zero exit code. """ pass
[docs]class CurrentHashError(GitException): """ Thrown when git returns a non zero exit code attempting to determine the current commit hash. """ pass
[docs]class HardResetError(GitException): """ Thrown when there is an issue trying to execute a hard reset (usually prior to a repo update). """ pass
[docs]class UpdateError(GitException): """ Thrown when git pull returns a non zero error code. """ pass
[docs]class GitDiffError(GitException): """ Thrown when a git diff fails. """ pass
[docs]class NoRemoteURL(GitException): """ Thrown when no remote URL exists for a repo. """ pass
[docs]class PipError(DownloaderException): """ Thrown when pip returns a non-zero return code. """ pass